Disc Pads

Today’s heavy transport industry is working at an unprecedented level so replacement parts have to perform in line with demand. Increases in engine power, higher levels of utilisation and more traffic on the roads means more demand on brakes. Increased demand means increased load in all forms, resulting in higher torque and temperatures for the brake and the need to perform above and beyond historic levels. Axle Dynamics disc brake pads have been engineered to deliver consistent, reliable braking performance for today’s demanding environment.

Axle Dynamics disc brake pad friction materials are independently tested against OE and other leading aftermarket products. To see our stringent test protocols, please click here.

Disc Pads

It’s not possible to cover every application with 1 single friction material. For example, a 3.5T van with maximum speed of 120km/h requires vastly different friction capabilities to a 40T truck and trailer with a maximum speed of 100km/h. The Axle Dynamics range of products includes materials for every application, including specialist applications. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, please contact our technical sales team in the UK to discuss further your requirements.


Axle Dynamics AD615 is an outstanding heavy vehicle disc pad friction material with a low metallic, organic base. Designed to operate in premium trailer and premium truck applications.


Axle Dynamics AD616 is A “cross-over” disc pad product for small wheel CV applications where relatively high load and fast sliding speeds are experienced.


Axle Dynamics AD625 is our flagship high demand, high inertia disc pad material for city-bus and super duty applications. Low metallic, organic in base and ideally suited for applications where two piece rotors feature.


Axle Dynamics AD632 is a higher friction disc pad material suited to LCV application. Low metallic, organic base with ceramic inclusions.


Axle Dynamics AD611 is a fully approved, cost competitive material for trailer and standard truck application.