Brake Linings


Axle Dynamics NA32 is proven, strong drum brake friction material with several OE approvals and the main-stay of our premium truck and trailer offer.


Axle Dynamics NA45 is a premium trailer material used extensively on our successful lined brake shoe kit programmes.


Axle Dynamics NA06 is the class leading friction material for extreme duty application and maximum driveability and comfort. Suitable for city-bus and high demand situations.


Axle Dynamics NA26 is full original material specification for trailer drum brakes (O3,O4). Non-metallic, organic in base. Predictable in operation and OE type approved for many applications.

Lined Brake Shoe Kits

Axle Dynamics lined shoe assemblies are available for all common European trailer axle applications. Lined Brake Shoe Kits are supplied in wheel-end quantities (pairs), together with all of the required springs and accessory parts to install the shoes onto the wheel end.